About “Ihachi, the artist of the Wave

Takeshi-Ihachiro-Nobuyoshi(1751-1824), was a peerless expert carving artist who excelled at shaping Waves and Dragons.

He is best known for his 60 pieces of carved works for shrines and temples mainly in the Chiba-area of Japan. When he was alive, people often discouraged others by saying: “you shouldn’t carve waves in Kanto*. You’ll be laughed because Ihachi is there”.
*Located at the eastern side of Japan. This tradition shows Ihachi’s fame at that time.

The world-renowned artist Hokusai may have met Ihachi and was said to have been inspired by his art. One of Hokusai’s master Ukiyoe “Kanagawa-oki nami-ura (Under the Wave off Kanagawa), within the Fugaku sanjūrokkei series (Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji)” was similar to Ichachi’s Wave. Ihachi’s wave was carved almost 25 years before Hokusai’s Ukiyoe.

•The 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo, and the surfing event will take place at Ichinomiya beach. The medalists will surf on Ihachi’s Waves!

About books

We published both a picture book and works book. These books aren’t sold in book stores, and are only available on the following website.

•If you have an interest in Ihachi’s works, please e-mail Ihach-kai at xhanasaki@yahoo.co.jp

Picture book (3500yen)Works book (2000yen)

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